Is the WHA considered Section 8? Does the WHA accept Vouchers?
  Where is the WHA located?
  What are the WHAs public housing projects named?  Where are they located?
  How can I apply for housing?
  What happens if the WHA cannot contact me?
  What if I turn down an offer of housing?
  How long is the waiting list?
  How many bedrooms do the units have?
  What bedroom size will I qualify for?
  How much is a security deposit?
  Can I enter a payment agreement on my security deposit?
  What utilities do I pay?
  What is a utility allowance? Do I get that money?
  How much will my rent be?
  When is my rent due?
  Why do you use my Gross Pay to determine my rent amount?
  What If I lose my job? Will my rent remain the same? 
  Will I always have to pay rent based on my income for rent?
  What is the difference between income-based rent and flat rent?
  How can I obtain a copy of my birth certificate?
  Where can I obtain a Social Security Card?  Where can I obtain documentation of my SSI/SS benefits?
  Where can I find documentation of SNAP or other benefits I receive from the DHHR?
  Do you count SNAP benefits as income?
  What kind of things do you deduct from my income, for the purposes of calculating my rent?
  What happens if my rent check is returned to the bank for non-sufficient funds?
  Will you suspend the family's minimum rent requirement the day the family makes the request?
  Do I have to complete community service when I move into public housing?
  What is an annual recertification?
  Is there any reason why my lease would not be renewed with my annual recertification?
  What is the "Employed Family’s Payment Program (EFPP)"?
  Where and when do I pay for a work order charge?